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Chambers Plan

Exclusive Group Benefits for Chamber Members
Chambers Plan offers the best, most affordable and easiest way to care for you and your employees

Chambers Plan
Employee Benefits

More than 30,000 small to midsize businesses choose Chambers Plan to protect their employees with comprehensive group benefits. 
It's built for chamber members with 1-50 employees, including self-employed entrepreneurs, home-based businesses and farms.

If you're thinking of adding employee benefits to your company - or looking for a replacement for your current plan - here are 6 great reasons to take a closer look at Chambers Plan:

  • l. No minimum firm size or industry restrictions 
  • 2. Guaranteed renewal, with rates consistently below the industry average
  • 3. Free business assistance services including access to lawyers, accountants, and HR professionals
  • 4. Free access to telemedicine services
  • 5. Direct deposit claim payments within 48 hours 6.Customizable coverage to fit your business

For more information about Chambers Plan or to get a free quote, contact our designated advisor:

Robert Dell
Benefit Plan Advisor

p: 705 327 0313 x105
c: 289 500 6824
tf: 888 942 2396

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